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I have read “When Love is a Lie” and found so many of the things you wrote spoke to me and to the relationship I was in. I have been NC since Jan. of 2016. I think I am better, no, I know I am better, but, I continue to have such overwhelming pain at times, going into weeping fits, praying fits, “why” fits, .. it feels so fresh still.. all the pain, the betrayal, his lies, and after the divorce, finding out about all his affairs.. it still hurts so much. We were together (what a joke) 15 years, 11 of them married. When the discard came, it was out of the blue (at least to me at the time), other than court, he has never spoken to me again.. complete dismissal. I lost so much I thought I had.. sorry, it’s late at night, and I’ve been crying for hours. It took me 2 years and therapy to realize I was married to a covert-aggressive psychopath. I gave him his divorce only because he tried to take my life. I also have a disabled son.

New Mexico

Okay, so Zari makes you feel like you’re the only person that she talks to but it’s obvious there are so many more all the time. How the hell does she do that? How does she keep up with us and all of our problems? I am so appreciative of her support, no words can express. I am working through this one stage at a time and I know now that I will recover. There was a time where I definitely didn’t think that was possible. Don’t give up! Thank you, Zari! You are an angel in my life!

Pamela D.
LOL  It sounds terrible to say “I don’t need you anymore,” but the reason I don’t is BECAUSE of you.  Because you were there when I DID need you.  Yes yes.  The married narcissist.  The “I hate my wife and love YOU” narcissist.  The “please don’t give up on me, I’m going to marry you” narcissist.  The crying at my door when I wouldn’t answer the phone even though he lived 1000 miles away narcissist.
The JUST HAD HIS FIFTH CHILD WITH HIS WIFE THIS PAST OCTOBER narcissist and the still emailing me to beg for me back even after all that narcissist.  But it doesn’t matter.  I am no contact.  He doesn’t sway me.  When an email comes in, I roll my eyes and delete it.  It doesn’t make my stomach drop anymore.  I’ve dated new people and moved on to new things.  And not having that nightmare in my life has given me a breath of air I forgot existed.  I’m actually considering going back to school to become a counselor for emotional abuse and domestic violence victims.  My therapist says I would be a good fit for it.  It’s amazing how beautiful the other side is and it was you saying that in your books that made me believe it.
I got the workbook too, and did that repeatedly.
I am horrified that I put up with that for so long.
People now thank ME for helping them, and it’s all because of you.  I will never forget that.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten phone calls from people I met in my support group who are saying the same things I used to say.
I hope things are going well for you and I will always stay in touch.  You changed my life.

Zari is like an angel sent from heave. came to my life at the right time when nobody understands what I’m going through. I have been with my N for 4 years (since 2012), believed in all his lies, been addicted to the chaos and have a hard time just letting go but Zari understands what I’m going through. she’s sincere, genuine, compassionate, patient and a TRUE friend. she’s like a big sister I never had. she’s not judgmental even thou I fell back a lot of times. she’s always there every step of the way and no matter what time of the day it is you can always count on her. she will never leave you alone.
I had phone sessions with her for a year and every minute is worth it. nobody can understand you like she does. I have been on “NO CONTACT” for 8 months now and still going strong. I’m finally FREE and a survivor.
thank you my big sister for helping me get my life back. I will forever be grateful. all my love!

East Brunswick, New Jersey

zari came into my life during a very dark time. I ordered her book first and then after reading it I started following her on her website. I had been in a relationship w/ a narc since 2010. There were countless OW I had been devalued, discarded, lovebombed, hoovered, gaslighted you name it everything! I started doing phone sessions with her when I believe I was at rock bottom. I was at a point in my life where my body knew it could not physically take anymore abuse but my heart was hanging on to nothing. I was addicted to abuse and chaos.
Zari is empathetic, compassionate, funny, and she listens and never forgets. She will remind you of what your narc did in case you might forget or you are feeling nostalgic. She is never judgemental if you backslide backwards but will quickly put together a game plan so you can bounce back better than ever. Everything we are going through she went through with Wayne so she can handle anything we throw at her with a coke and a smile.
I am narc free since September and slowly getting Joanna back. Like she says being miserable changes nothing so if you leave your narc to lay around and reminisce there is no point in leaving. If you follow her steps, wisdom, and proper guidance you will live a life you can never imagine in your wildest dreams instead of living a nightmare.
I thank zari Ballard for so much and can’t put words together to show my full gratitude towards this truely courageous woman. It’s about time us women stick together to call out these evil sick men who prey on pretty, kind, generous, hardworking females.
Remove the shackles of NPD abuse and make your next move your best move and call Zari. Book with confidence! Thank you Zari. I appreciate you so very much.


First & foremost, I must say any breakup is awful, but, a narcissist one is by far, the worst..I encourage everyone to do as much research as possible..What I found, was the most special, caring, person anyone could ask for & her name is ZARI…I was having the most difficult time of my life, was about to lose my mind & contacted Zari for a consultation…She helped me accept, & that’s a difficult bone to chew, that, I was with a narcissist…over the phone, not to mention, the email support as well, she held my hand every step of the way to try & help me recover & move forward..She is the bomb, very knowledgeable & without her help & guidance, I would have lost it & been a basket case… My advice is, don’t think twice about setting up a consultation with her, I pondered that same thing myself…but, was so glad I did…she was & still to this day, is my savior, next to God…We can’t do this by ourselves & she, is right there with us, understanding all the pain we are going through & then, kicks us in the ass & gets us moving on…Love to All, that’s what we want & trust me Zari, will help you find some kind of peace.
Hang in there, be strong, as she would always say & love to all.


Zari saved my life. In my darkest moments she helped me see the horrific reality of what was my psychopathic relationship. Im not clear yet but i see so much clearer now. Ordinary counseling does not work for victims of narcissistic abuse. I had tried everything. Specialist help is needed from someone who has lived through the night mare of losing your soul to the purest evil walking the earth. Thank you Zari so so so much xxxx

Western Australia

Zari…thank God you now have this review option because YOU DESERVE TEN STARS. Up your prices, girl! Zari is exactly as you think she is by reading her blog. Down to earth and on it! She knows these horrible narcs inside and out. I booked one hour and then booked the 4 hour pkg. you will WANT to talk to her again and again and every time something happens. Its like your sister on the other end. You feel like you’re the only one which is hilarious because you can see by the blog there are 100s!! That’s how she makes you feel. No one gets it but her!! Don’t hesitate to get better. she speeds up the process. Thank you, Zari. I love you to death!!

Tulsa, OK

Okay so I went back and forth about booking a phone call and then I did it. OMG…when I hung up I felt as if I’d known her my whole frigging life. It makes me want to cry right now. My narcissist wrecked me and I was literally suicidal. After 15 years, I really believed that this was my destiny and that there was no way out. Zari has given me a whole new perspective on life. These jerks are worthless, not us!! We are fine. She weill make you feel like you can handle anything after just one call. Wow…thank you for everything, girlfriend. You have given me my life back.

Miami, FL

Zari gives you her all in every phone call. We laugh, we cry, she tells it just like it is just like her articles. No micning words or sugarcoating it. She predicted exactly what my narc was doing and what he was going to do next and I didn’t want to believe it. But she was spot-on. Don’t waste any more time. Zari is the real deal. Get away from that narcissist and you don’t have to do it alone. You will feel as if you have known her forever after 15 minutes. Thank you girl for being there. I will be checking in!!! xo

New York

I have been speaking with Zari for maybe four months. In that time, I have been with the narcissist, broke up with him, went back to him, and dumped him for good. Went no contact in July and I’m holding strong. Through it all Zari has been guiding me tyhrough it. No judgements. She took my call at midnight one time..I couldn’t believe it. How she can do it?? How she takes care of all of us at once I just don’t know. I am OVER
this asshole but now I think I’m addicted to zari..LOL. She is amazing. I don’t think words can describe it, how I feel about what she has done for me. She needs to charge more. Thank u for everything.

London, UK

Zari literally saved my life. Talking to her is like having a best friend

(who is much smarter than you!!! LOL) at your fingertips. She’s an angel

in my life.

Austin, TX

Zari is an amazing wealth of knowledge, support, and comfort. I would recommend her highly to anyone that has drudged thru hell with a Narcissist and is looking for any relief from someone who knows first hand. I absolutely loved her friendliness and her “lay it on the table” approach when talking to me. She was just what I needed. Thank you Zari~ from the bottom of my healing heart!


Zari is the best — she has been an angel in many people’s lives who are recovering from narcissistic abuse. I am a self-blamer, but Zari put me straight with educating me on how the Narcs are and how I did nothing wrong to deserve that abuse. I allowed my boundaries to be violated, yes, but she helped me to see that there is nothing I could do to change the outcome, and with her tough love, no frills advice in several consultations, I managed to see right through all the smoke in mirrors he presented. If you consult with her, you will have more knowledge and more insight than you could ever have with a regular therapist — she knows because she is a survivor and she is there to help others survive and thrive too!

Truth seeker
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