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Discover the undeniable truths….the foolproof formula for letting go of the narcissist….for accepting the fact that you’ve loved someone who will not and can not ever love you back. Discover why you must save the rest of your life and stop wasting precious time.

When Love Is a Lie is a book about you and if your partner is the narcissist that you think he/she is, then you will see yourself on every page.

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Loving a person with a narcissistic personality disorder (a.k.a. npd, borderline or anti-social personality disorder) can and will cause confusion and emotional upheaval in our lives. We stay in the relationship, thinking that we can “fix” this person and love them out of their bad behavior, but the truth is that narcissists – just like sociopaths and psychopaths – can never be fixed, not with love, therapy, and not with any magic pill. Our codependency and suffering fulfills the narcissist’s pathological relationship agenda and makes them feel vibrantly alive!

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When Love Is a Lie will unequivocally guide you towards 1) recognizing the signs of a narcissistic personality , 2) accepting the narcissistic abuse for what it is and, 2) mentally breaking free from the nonsense. Breaking free mentally is the key to breaking free altogether from someone with a narcissistic personality disorder – and I’ll provide a way for you to begin this process. My book offers a logical perspective that comes complete with reasons for leaving that you simply can’t argue against! It is a solution that will get you on the right path to becoming narcissist-free…

This book exposes the narcissistic way of thinking including how and why a partner with a narcissistic personality

  • will never be able to attain – or even pretend to have – the very special and love-worthy human qualities (the undeniable truths!) that are essential to life itself. Use these truths as a foolproof way to begin mentally breaking free from a narcissist!
  • will use the Silent Treatment and similar demoralizing methods of control to punish those who dare to call them out on questionable behaviors
  • will create constant narcissistic chaos and turmoil even – and especially - during the “good” times as a tactic of keeping you in a heightened state of co-dependent anxiety
  • will juggle many, many relationships at once – often for years on end – with no one being the wiser…not even you
  • lies even when the truth is a better story

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When Love is a Lie will make you laugh and it may even make you cry but, above all else, it will provide confirmation and validation that, indeed, you are neither alone nor crazy. This little book may just have the magic answer….the perspective you’ve been looking for…the push to empowerment and the strength you need to leave the abusive narcissistic lover and find your way back to the sane world…


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Break your codependency to the nonsense. Un-chain yourself from the trauma bonds the narcissist in your life has worked so hard to create. I wasted too many years trying to second guess myself after I already knew what he was. I spent too many years thinking I could turn him around…that I could ‘fix’ him or love him out of his bad behavior. I placed my bets on that one slim chance that I had it all wrong. Like so many others, I had developed a twisted codependency to the narcissistic nonsense as well as to the relationship agenda itself. I actually became the suffering and the suffering became me. I scoured the internet, devoured books on narcissism, studied about sociopaths and psychopaths, read/re-read and cried rivers of tears over forum conversations where it seemed like all of us – every girl and guy (and, yes, there were many, many guys) on every thread – had been betrayed by the very same person. I mean, the similarities were mind-boggling!

Then, one day I took a new good look at the old big picture.  Is there any way to really know the end game? How will I ever be able to go no-contact? When I finally let go (somewhere between the 100th silent treatment and the last evil discard), I formulated my ‘aha’ moment as to why he wasn’t worth loving based less on the qualities that he did have (that fit the bill) and more on a unique set of  human essentials that I knew he could never have and for which there could be no argument.

After that, everything began to change. And I knew it could change for others as well.  In the end, even with my heart shattered in a zillion pieces, I never shed another tear. I realized that I had to give up the need for closure in order to feel peace and the trade-off was well worth it.

Discover the insightful deal-breakers – the undeniable truths – that can and will shift your perspective and put you on the path to being narcissist-free….

‘When Love Is a Lie’ will give you a fresh perspective
on your situation and new reasons for leaving…


Recognizing narcissistic ploys and tactics and all of the signs of narcissistic behavior in a partner often comes, for the victim, after years of trying to piece together the puzzle and long after the heart has been broken.


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If you're here to educate yourself on topics related to the narcissistic personality, the behaviors/tactics of narcissistic partners, codependency, the Silent Treatment, etc., you've come to right place. Here, you will find articles, books, and more containing only the truth about what is happening to you, why you feel like you do and, more importantly, what you can do about it to save the rest of your life. Do not feel isolated in your suffering. We are striving to change the outcome of your experience. 

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