Plausible Denial is the Narcissist’s Free Pass

When the narcissist is confronted with a lie, he will use a mechanism known as plausible denial to deflect the blame back on whoever is doing the accusing. I really started thinking about this particular narcissistic maneuver yesterday after receiving a heart-breaking comment from a woman who is going through hell right now and happened […]

No Contact vs. The Silent Treatment

The difference between No Contact and a Silent Treatment is the intention of the outcome – and no one knows this better than a narcissistic partner. About four years ago, out of the clear blue and smack dab in the middle of my narcissistic relationship nightmare, I got real strong and went No Contact on […]

The “No Contact” Rule (Excerpt from “Narcissist Free”)

The No Contact Rule for leaving a narcissist means exactly what it states: no contact. No emails, no texts, no late night dial and hang-ups, no drive-by’s, no contacting by proxy via friends, no Facebook or date site stalking, no leaving notes on his car or apartment door, no sending letters by mail……NO NOTHING. And […]